Although, It Does Still Seem Strange That A Point Guard As Good As Kidd Could Enter The Season With Giannis, Delly And Terry As His Floor Generals.

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The 6-foot-7 Snell averaged 5.3 points on 36.1 percent shooting from distance in his third season on the Bulls, falling out of favor on a Chicago team that could use all the favors it could get, but Kidd seems intent on giving the 24-year-old every opportunity to start at two-guard. And weshould mention Jason Terry, who kept his career and any chance of holding Paul Pierce off for the No. 3 spot on the all-time 3-point field goals list alive by signing a veteran minimum deal with Milwaukee in late August. You may not have known he was still in the league, had he not made headlines calling Klay Thompson and Kawhi Leonard B-side players this week, because hes had the least effective years of his 18-year career for the Brooklyn Nets and Rockets the last three seasons. The summer isa net loss sans Middleton, but theres an awful lot to like about what the Bucks are building if theirlengthy 2-3-4 core can ever stay healthy. Although, it does still seem strange that a point guard as good as Kidd could enter the season with Giannis, Delly and Terry as his floor generals. Potential breakout stud: Well, weve covered Giannis. His breakout potential has been readily apparent ever since he started covering courts in two dribbles, and, still six weeks from his 22nd birthday, his ceiling his limitless. Theres also Parker, whose athleticism on full display when he smacked his head on the rim while dunking earlier this month is underrated, just because his fundamentals are so sound.

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