The Eye-opener Came Against Seattle, A Team That Ended The Packers Season In 2014, When The Ball Bounced The Packers Way To The Tune Of Six Turnovers.

Winning each week in the NFL, let alone in the postseason, is difficult regardless of opponent. Now imagine playing, for all intents and purposes, in an elimination game each week over nine straight weeks. The Packers won eight of those, showing mettle few thought could reverse a lost season. The eye-opener came against Seattle, a team that ended the Packers season in 2014, when the ball bounced the Packers way to the tune of six turnovers. After that came a run of three straight NFC North wins culminating in a division clincher at Detroit. That Jan. 1 game was just about the only breather the Packers had during a grueling run. Before kickoff, they had clinched a playoff berth but not yet the division and a home playoff game. Add in three playoff games, and the Packers soldiered on for 16 straight weeks without a break.

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